Hivna is an island to the South-East of Muir.

Hivna is mostly controlled by a large colony of Insect-mutants controlled by a highly intelligent Queen. The Queen of the Hive lives somewhere in the mountains. The Insect race is called The Hive The Eastern Shore of Hivna, however, is controlled by humans.

The reason for this is located below, and was copy and pasted, it will be rewritten at a later date.

“The Eastern stretch of Hivna contains grainy soil, and little natural vegetation, meaning they cant burrow there, or get food, the little that is there isn’t worth controlling. The people who moved there from the mainland attempted to defeat the insects, and at one point controlled a third of the island, but the insects proved superior, and far more capable in war. They took back most of the island, but stopped at these four villages, every decade or so there’s a small invasion, a few dozen insects attack the villages, and pillage the farms, etc, but after that they leave. Other than the stray insect attacking for no good reason, that’s all the threat there is. Around the shore however is a large fish population, that can be eaten, which, while the insects aren’t adapted to eat these, the people are, and they ship what they catch but don’t eat up the shore, and then across, along the shore of the mainland, and up to Teka, which is a city of a several thousand.”


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