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Gohr is a world which has seen much struggle, and destruction over it’s expansive life.

Gohr has three main continents, Asdiir, Revelon, and Maldroff, as well as several sub-continents. In the past Humans began to become more and more populous and technologically sophisticated. Eventually small kingdoms were formed which rapidly expanded into Empires and nations. Eventually The Corporations took over political power, and created the massive Corporate Empires, which ruled for over 150 years, at which point supply could not meet demand, and in a desperate attempt to satisfy each Empire’s needs, the Resource Wars began. Increasingly drastic, and powerful weapons were used upon each other. Chemical, biological, nuclear, all used without single thought of the casualties or lasting effects.

Eventually The Kristin Corporation launched Project Hellstorm, using the most powerful weapons the world of Gohr had. The Corporations retaliated, and the Empires were wiped out, except for a few people who had managed to survive within protective bunkers located deep underground. This was known as the Sleeping Age.

Later they emerged to a world once again habitable, if barely, and this leads us to modern day. A place where ancient machines exist beside a people who can’t use most of them. Where some machines work, but most don’t, and where advanced automated systems help supply people. This is, the world of Gohr.

Main Page

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